Take the test. Now. real_gun_r

@why already did

@ItsSkyDragonz computer enhance

@why enhance my penis in ur mom

@why my answers seem pretty boring

@ItsSkyDragonz according to the computers enhancements, my mom or my dad

@why not gay, ya gay.

@why besides, some of the questions could apply to tomboys as well as men dont mean nothing

@why horny 4chan fag seeks affection

@georgia i have the horny but its controllable

@Moon @georgia @why its over 9000

@georgia @why post yours pal

@pernia @why okey doke

@pernia @why based quiz calling traps gay

@georgia @pernia @why how did you end up more puritan than me oh wait i know never mind smh

@georgia @pernia @why this wasnt a virgin joke i promise sometimes i just forget that i force myself to answer tests like this honestly even if the sexual encounter in which the things took place wasnt entirely like consensual lol

@vriska @pernia @why i know it wasn't a virgin joke :(

@georgia @pernia @why oh lmao whoops

@vriska @georgia @why is this about you fucking some guys mom (real) or something else bubba

@pernia @georgia @why something else unfortunately :(

@pernia @georgia @why i did fuck someone's mom once though I was 17 and the mom was 36 and her kid was 18 we played halo after

@why Not puritan enough, missionary position with the lights off for procreation ONLY.


I've been downgraded to 66.6% gay.

@lelouchebag @pernia @vriska @why also how the fuck did i get more hedonistic than everyone

@georgia @lelouchebag @pernia @vriska @why you're out of control

@why based affectionate libido-haver

@pernia @why why am i gayer and more degenerated than pernia

@hj very bottomish to hit neutral on every question

@Party_Animal @why Love your wife, love her often

@why I am disappointed that the enjoyment of fit tomboys is treated as gay by the creator of this test

>where did the submissive come from
maybe you should explore some things

@why Ok daddy


I'm the kind that takes dumb internet quizes.

@vriska @why
what does last one even mean

@shibao @vriska @why @shmibs what the fuck is "owo" i don't speak bottom.

@pyrate @shibao @shmibs @vriska @why it's the inverse of wow

@why default-settings

@NaiJi higher deviance score than normal though

@why isn't 100% pure more unusual than just "pure-ish"

@NaiJi @why thanks, I noticed my life is very on default settings

@dirb @why yaay normie club... ha ha.........

@NaiJi @why i was a normie all along;;;

@dirb @why after being on fedi for so long I could say it MAY be rather a virtue

@NaiJi @dirb @why

this desu, too much degeneracy

@NaiJi @why similar results btw byt there were unknown words so I had to skip answers sometimes. Probably need to take it again in the evening with translator


@wiler I'm waiting for your result ahahaha

@why "I belong to sub-communities associated with deviances."
Does fedi count?

@why so im 29% gay ral_oh

@why wait.. what?? blobcatdizzy

@wiler @why а что не так в твоих показателях?

@tolstoevsky @why тип я же женственный, но удивился от гиперактивности.

@theMurrrrr А, ну это да.
А гиперактивночть? ablobcathyper ablobcathyper ablobcathyper

@tolstoevsky @why

@wiler @theMurrrrr @why так тебе ж 17 - там зашкаливать должно :)

@tolstoevsky Да по идее уже не так сильно должно. apartyblobcat apartyblobcat apartyblobcat

@theMurrrrr @why